Maid Marian… was SWEET!

Fayetteville, North Carolina is graced with some extremely talented people. One group continues to shine and sweeten Spring nights with their theatrical flair— the one and only Sweet Tea Shakespeare.

This troupe of thespians is a true treasure to our community which never disappoints with its delivery of unique, poignant, musically gifted and jest-laden performances.

Some friends and I were eager to catch their first outdoor staging of Maid Marian last night.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare performed in the courtyard of Fayetteville’s historic 1897 Poe House— which is a sight to behold this time of year with its brick terrace encased with purple blooming iris and lavender.

Before the show, we were greeted at the concessions tent (to our delight) with Fayetteville’s favorite savory pie creations— none other than Fayetteville Pie Company’s delicious entree pie as the main dish to enjoy for an evening of theatre beneath the stars.

Not to mention we were served the signature fruit flavored sweet tea which makes the experience so much sweeter!

Pie, sweet tea, and Maid Marian on a perfect May night was a nice slice of heaven right here in the center of our fabulous city. I am amazed each time I am honored to watch this group perform. Such well-rounded talent that leaves your senses fulfilled and quenched.

We were introduced to a major twist in the retelling of a tale we all know well about a guy in tights named Robin (and something about a hood). However, the focus of this production was on the ladies of Sherwood Forest and highlighted their ingenuity, strength, forbearance and smarts. It was masterfully executed right down to the sword fighting and archery. 🤺 I found it to be charming, intriguing and timely. I love a good heroine— or in this case heroines! You go, LADIES (and gentlemen)!

Well done I say!

Not to mention the music accompanying the top notch acting is AMAZING. Just listen to these two songbirds:

And, this fella right here has some serious ukulele skills:

The beautiful outdoor scenery paired with such lovely tunes sent our toes tapping:

Although I was a bit biased to support Maid Marian and her tribe of super independent, awesome “Marionettes” (like what I did there?)— the male cast was equally awesome, and seamlessly incorporated some truly appreciated humorous moments and wit.

I give Maid Marian 👍👍👍!

So, what are you waiting for? Support this valuable, local ensemble and purchase your tickets for the next performance here: http://www.sweetteashakespeare.com/

Alison Paul Klakowicz, BA, MS

Author of Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck


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Alison Paul Klakowicz is a North Carolina native, children’s book author, blogger, podcaster and creative writer. She is a military spouse who resides in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, Adam, and son, Mak.

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