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Matthew Brown Jr.- aka Originale`: Eastern NC Roots, Faith, Family, Inspire Soul-filled Hip Hop

Matthew Brown Jr.- Originale` The MC

Washington, North Carolina-

Matthew Brown Jr- better known as Christian Hip Hop artist Originale‘- is a hardworking, loyal, devoted husband, and father of four: three girls and one boy. Matthew, his wife, Latoya, and I attended high school together at Washington High School in rural Eastern North Carolina twenty-something years ago.

A whole lot of living has taken place since our early years. Matthew pulls from the lessons he learned during his youth, now grounded in the Christian faith his mother instilled in him, and his wife’s loving devotion and support.

He spends most of his time these days in his native home of Washington, NC with his wife, Latoya Spruill Brown, their precious children, close family members and dearest friends sharing “The Good News!”… not just through his words but through his actions.

He strives to be a positive, yet humble role model while continuing to make inspiring hip hop- as well as encouraging his wife to strive toward her dreams as a spiritual rhythm and blues artist.

“My purpose in life- as well as the music and entertainment industry- is to encourage everyone within the sound of my voice to pursue a personal relationship with God, simply by using this gift He gave me to be able to put personal experiences mixed with witty wordplay in rhyme form,” said Matthew Brown of his life’s focus. “Furthermore, rap has been my passion since I was 11 years old. Make no mistake about it, I take both the message and the art form extremely serious.” -Matthew Brown Jr., Originale’

Matthew and I recently spoke on Hodge Podge Podcast to talk about his music, inspiration and mission. Listen to our conversation here on Hodge Podge Podcast on Anchor:–Original-The-MC-HipHop-fueled-by-love-of-God-and-Family-ebis7h 

Listen to his soulful and rhythmic music here:

This is the video for Matthew’s latest single, Hands Off, from his EP History In The Making 2.
The video features Latoya Spruill Brown (Matthew’s wife), Terrance Copper Jr, Jackie A. Parker, and Originale The MC- Matthew Brown.
Shot, edited, and choreographed by Dennis Brathwaite.

To learn more about Matthew’s music, follow him here:

Instagram: @origi77lwf


-Alison Paul Klakowicz

Host and Creator of Hodge Podge Podcast and Blog

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