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Children’s Storytime YouTube Star- Kayla Spears

Listen to my conversation with Kayla Spears on Hodge Podge Podcast HERE!

Kayla Spears joined me on Hodge Podge Podcast to talk about her vibrant, adorable and popular children’s book story-time show on YouTube: Storytime w/Kayla.

We had a delightful chat about the importance of building a love of books and reading in children’s lives and the inspiration behind her wonderful YouTube channel.

Kayla was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, where she still calls home. Two years ago, she decided she wanted to give back to society by changing the minds of today’s youth byway spreading the joy of books to others.

“Reading plays such a big part in our lives so why not make it fun! I originally started uploading reading content to my Facebook page and eventually moved to YouTube to reach a wider audience. This has created a platform that celebrates and embraces the uniqueness in all of us through the stories I read!” – Kayla Spears

Listen to my conversation with Kayla Spears on Hodge Podge Podcast HERE!

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