Children's Book Review

Children’s Book Review: Colin’s Courage by Tools of the Heart

Expressing Confidence in Yourself

We should all strive to be respectful and self-confident. Always stand up for yourself, even in difficult situations.

In Colin’s Courage book 6 in the series by Tools of the Heart, Gruber the raccoon shows his true stripes once again. The furry rascal speaks very rudely to Colin the Oak Tree 🌳. He belittles Colin by telling him his acorns are small and taste bad. This statement makes Colin sad and worrisome. He begins to judge himself based on Gruber’s opinions.

Worry encompasses the oak all day. He cannot stop thinking about the raccoon’s harsh words.

Colin breathes deep, Indigo the Elf appears to him and says, “Dear Colin, throughout your life as an oak, there will always be someone to criticize or mock you.

It may happen that some people will say lies about you… make fun of you. Always remember this: what is important is what you think about yourself!”

The Elf then encourages Colin to replace the negative thoughts with good memories and feelings which comforts the oak tree. Colin realizes he has the gift of choice. He can either focus on the bad or focus on the good.

Later that day, Gruber and his raccoon friends return and demand acorns from the tree. Colin firmly lets Gruber know that because he is so mean to him he will not give him acorns which surprises the raccoons.

The striped gang leaves with empty tummies. Colin’s friend, Fluffy the Squirrel, who witnessed the encounter looks proudly at his courageous friend for standing up for himself. Colin is proud of himself too!

Three Tips for Kids to Develop Self-Confidence:

1. Everyone is DIFFERENT. We each like and dislike different things. Fear and a lack of understanding can influence our beliefs and actions. At times people will voice these opinions and it might hurt our feelings. But you should always stand up for what is right and be self-confident!

2. If someone says something that makes you sad, look inside your heart to remember your true character and qualities. Respectfully let the person who criticized you know how their statement made you feel and why.

3. If a person always seems to speak negatively to you even when you have asked them to stop, you can make a decision to distance yourself from them. Surround yourself with friends who display positive attitudes and lift you up!

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