This Is Me.

Plain and simple.

Wrinkles and freckles. Big, dark spots on my face, arms and neck.

A chipped front tooth.

Fat rolls and gray hairs.

And I am okay with it all. It’s just who I am. A part of me.

I’ve earned each of these imperfections. Like tiny rewards for the past 43 years on this Earth.

Do I use anti-aging products and face masks? Dye those pesky gray hairs? Buy new clothes and think of the old skinnier me?

Yes. Vanity hasn’t entirely escaped me.

But, I’m not worried about it. And, I’m not going to go broke trying to reverse time.

I’ve let go of all that fuss.

I’m happy.

Truly happy.

I’m inspired.

I’m motivated.

I’m loved.

I love.

What could be better?

Stop putting yourself down. Focus on the here and now. What is important.



Do good things.

Do fun things.

Be kind.

Slow down.

Look in the mirror and say, “This is me.”

And be happy with who you see.

-Alison Paul Klakowicz, BA, MS


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