What is Love?


Over my four and a half decades of life, I have sought love.

When I was young I sought romantic love. Plucking flower petals and saying the words with each petal tossed, “He loves. He loves me not.”

At times, I accepted dysfunctional love which was not love at all. Just a filler that created an empty heart.

As I’ve grown older (not old, just a bit more experienced and wise), I have become more aware of love.

Real love.

True love.

This is what I believe love to be:

Love is a home.

Love is joy.

Love is empathy.

Love is seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

Love is a small gesture.

Love is patience.

Love is kindness.

Love is acceptance.

Love is turning off the negative noise in your mind, and thanking the world, the universe, God for your blessings in life.

Love is shutting up a mouth that wants to spew meaningless and hateful speech.

Love is placing your wants beneath the needs of others.

Love is a helping hand.

Love is sucking it up and forgiving those who hurt you.

Love is forgiving yourself for the hurt you caused others.

Love is waking in the morning with a grateful spirit.

Love is fun.

Love is sad.

Love is simple.

Love is easy.

Love is taking time for yourself.

Love is holding a screaming child and providing them comfort.

Love is a child’s laugh.

Love is hot coffee on a cold morning.

Love is restful.

Love is peaceful.

Love is genuine.

Love is a smile.

Love is a twinkle in an old man’s eyes.

Love is a warm hug.

Love is reading a beautiful story.

Love is gazing happily at the birds in the trees.

Love is lovely.

I send you each love, and confidence that someone on this Earth cares for you deeply; prays for you and will be there to hold you up when you least expect it.

Practice love and love will find you.

Happy Valentines Day!


Alison Paul Klakowicz

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