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Hilary Iker- Freelance Writer (Fit, Self, Prevention, Glamour, Vogue, Disney Channel), FIDM Writing Instructor, Ashtanga Yoga Enthusiast

Listen to my conversation with Hilary Iker on Hodge Podge Podcast HERE!

Los Angeles, California-

In 1984, following her graduation from University of Virginia, Hilary Iker packed her suitcase 🧳 of dreams and moved to New York City where she landed her first professional job at Vogue Magazine. Iker recalls catching glimpses in the elevators at Vogue headquarters of Anna Wintour, longtime Vogue Editor-in-Chief and fashion icon.

The details of Iker’s young professional beginnings in NYC were as if plucked straight from the pages of The Devil Wears Prada.

Iker met her husband, Mike Cornwell, an award-winning sports journalist (Fred Russell-Grantland Rice TRA Sports Writing Scholarship and 1984 recipient of the College Journalism Award in Rolling Stone Magazine), in NYC 🌃 and followed him to Los Angeles, California in the late 80s.

The writers made their home in Silver Lake, a community in Los Angeles that attracted young artists, musicians and writers of the time. Her neighbors were budding music legends— Mike D of the Beastie Boys and Beck.

Following her pilgrimage to LA, she became interested in learning Ashtanga Yoga where she started her life-changing yoga practices in the very same shala, (Ahimsa- founded by Kimberly Flynn and Noah Williams), where Madonna studied yoga.

For the past 20 years Iker has practiced Ashtanga Yoga daily, and due to her experience and knowledge she has written health and fitness articles for magazines such as Fit Yoga, Self, Fit, Prevention, and Glamour.

Hilary Iker practicing Ashtanga Yoga with her teacher Jorgen Christiansson,
Omkar 108 Yoga, Los Angeles, California

Iker holds a Master of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California, and a BA from the University of Virginia. She has also worked with Los Angeles Times and Disney Channel. She studied fiction writing with many renowned authors, and currently teaches writing at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles where she has been nominated multiple times for the Outstanding Faculty Award.

Iker recently joined me on Hodge Podge Podcast to talk about her inspiring professional writing career, zest for life and love of Ashtanga Yoga. You will love her story and will be INSPIRED! Take a listen to our conversation HERE!

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