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Edible Landscapes Are Fun!

I love to garden. I’m no expert gardener nor a perfectionist. But I’ve always loved to put my hands in the dirt and reap the benefits of what grows.

Gardening is therapy for me. It’s great exercise and a good excuse to spend hours outdoors exploring my yard and the wildlife that cohabits my little world.

From planting perennials that come back to visit each spring until the frost of winter— to planting vegetable plants of all types— it gives me such joy to watch things grow and flourish.

I like to have fun designing an edible landscape around my home mixing flowers, herbs and veggies throughout my yard.

Creating a whimsical outdoor living room makes my yard fun and a place I want to spend time with family and friends— chilling out in the hammock or by the fire pit.

When the first tomato 🍅 ripens I can pluck it from the bush along with a handful of fresh herbs— rosemary, basil, sage— along with a few greens, spring onions, and walk a few feet to my kitchen to mix up a delicious dish 🥗 homegrown in my edible landscape.

You should give it a try!

It does not need to be perfect and you do not need a large amount of land to create the perfect edible landscape for your yard.

If you’ve always wanted to start a garden at home, here are some resources on why you should create an edible landscape and ideas about what to plant in your yard:

Edible Landscaping


Mother Earth


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