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Darshaun McAway- Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, WOWpodcast Host

Darshaun McAway

Listen to my conversation with Darshaun McAway on Hodge Podge Podcast HERE! is a podcast directory for authors, writers and illustrators worldwide– hosted by Darshaun McAway who helps creatives by allowing them to exchange ideas, share resources and network. WOWpodcast provides it’s listeners access to authors from around the world. Darshaun’s main focus is to instruct, inspire, and enlighten his listeners.

In addition, Darshaun is a successful children’s book author. He coauthors (alongside his wife Stephanie McAway) the Anaiah’s Adventure Series inspired by their daughter whom the book series is named after.

“Babies have the wildest imaginations and most of all they are extremely curious. Anaiah is very determined about taking trips to various places. Throughout this series you will discover the greatest mysteries we all wonder about. Follow along as Anaiah fulfills a life of sheer adventure.” -Darshaun and Stephanie McAway

About the Authors:

Darshaun and Stephanie McAway are owners of the BabyAuthors brand. Darshaun is a bestselling author. Stephanie is the creative marketing genius behind They enjoy creating stories for the world, but most importantly they enjoy spending time with their greatest creation, Anaiah.

BabyAuthors mission is to restore love, inspiration and hope back into families byway an animation and publishing company that gives parents the ability to publish content on a commercial or personal platform.

“Why wait, babies have stories now.” -BabyAuthors Brand

Listen to Podcast to meet the voice of the one who inspired the book series… Miss Anaiah! Listen HERE

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Buy Anaiah’s Adventures Book Series and Products HERE!

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