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Children’s Comic Book Review- I’m A Star by Brandon Foster

Can a person be too good at everything? Can this go to their head?

Competitiveness can be a common theme among siblings and peers. Simone, the lead character of I’m A Star by Brandon Foster, is the oldest sister of her two young brothers, DJ and Sylvester, and little sister, Ashlon. Big sis Simone is a great athlete, very pretty and smart, but her pride is beginning to show. Her friends and family are starting to notice some changes in her personality and decision-making. Simone always seems to be the star of the show and she’s not being humble about her talents.

She also allows a new “friend”, Keisha, in her life who is not a great influence. Her two long-time besties warn her not to follow along with Keisha, but Simone ignores them which lands her in a bad situation.

Simone’s father wants the best for his kids and loves Simone very much. He realizes he needs to talk to Simone about her actions that ultimately get her injured. Her dad tells his daughter she needs to learn to control her pride because it is hurtful to those around her. Simone is embarrassed and regretful when she thinks back on her actions.

When Simone’s mother finds out about everything that has happened she reminds her husband that possibly their oldest child has learned this competitive behavior from him. She reminds Simone’s dad that he can be a bit of a spoil sport and bragger when it comes to family game time. He regretfully realizes his wife is right.

The author Brandon Foster has created a relatable, funny and poignant comic book for the entire family to learn important life lessons. The professional comic illustrations by Pia Bley are credible, vivid and filled with emotion. The comic series can easily be used in classrooms, youth groups and small group workshops. I highly recommend this book in particular for middle-grade readers and teens.

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