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Covid and Election Fatigue

I want to cry. I want to run away to a tiny island with my family and friends. I want to slam the door 🚪 behind me and never look back.



Over IT!!!

Our world appears to be in total shambles. Everywhere I look online and on TV, people are arguing, accusing, hating one another.

I can’t take it anymore. It’s making me sick.




But that’s just it— Everywhere I look online.

Social Media.

It’s nuts.

When I walk out of my house and into the general public (with my mask on at a safe social distance), guess what… people are nice.

They are friendly and courteous.




Folks need to get out of their homes and off their screens (me included).

We need to save our energy and check on our family. On friends. Neighbors.

Play a board game or have a picnic in the yard. Read a book. Go for a walk in a park. Eat at a restaurant. Grab a cup of coffee. Do something nice for someone else.

But get outside of your walls.

Stop fighting!!! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Just say no.

Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Use your hand sanitizer. If you’re feeling unwell, stay home. But get off the internet as much as possible.

Turn off the news. Boycott anything that does not truly promote well being– especially anything filled with propaganda and hate speech.

Everyone of us sees the world subjectively.

Everyone has an opinion. Some more than others.

Our opinions are not truth. Maybe our truth. But not everyone’s. And, this goes for either side of the rickety fence.

Some folks enjoy drama. They enjoy being “right”. They enjoy watching others suffer. Some are getting rich off the headlines. Some are climbing the proverbial political ladder.

I have to remind myself there is a hidden agenda. A memory in the tiny crevice of that individual’s brain that has carved out their passion. Their anger. Their mission.

I’m not saying we should be passive, but when the world has erupted into such disdain, it is time to put the fire out. Don’t turn on the fan and feed the flame.

Do what you feel is right. Stand up for yourself and others. But stop throwing shade! Do what is right through your actions. Not the last seething comment you dropped on some ridiculous Facebook post.

I’m guilty of this. Falling for this stupid trap. These days, I am much better at filtering my hot head than I once was. But it still affects me. Gets my heart rate up.

I’ve never wanted November 3rd to come as quickly as I do in the year 2020. The political commercials, constant text messages, emails and trillions of mailed leaflets will halt (for a little while). We will all have to accept the final decision of our newly elected officials. We may not like it, but the decision will be made.

Covid on the other hand seems to want to creep around and camp out for a while. We are learning how to live with this uninvited guest. I’m sure it will be so for a longtime.

But I refuse to lose another precious minute obsessing over it anymore. I’m going to go about my life as normal and safe as I can (which is all any of us can do).

I will keep on keeping on.

But please— PLEASE— I beg you all to be kind.

Respect my choices. I will return the favor.

Because we are all exhausted. At our wits end looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s try to help each other get there. Together.

Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you shortly!

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