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Children’s Book Review: The Choice by Tools of the Heart

The Choice

Insight/Listening to Your Intuition

We each have an inner voice that speaks to us. There is a hunch, a feeling in our gut– upon every new situation or encounter. This inner feeling and voice helps us stay true to ourselves in every situation. Learning to listen to the voice inside of us is very important.

In The Choice by Tools of the Heart, Colin the strong oak tree is approached by Grubber the raccoon. Grubber is not very nice nor is he a very good listener. Colin becomes a bit suspicious of the new forest acquaintance who has come to visit. Colin’s inner voice questions Grubber’s true intentions.

Grubber demands Colin’s acorns. Colin does not take too kindly to this, but despite his gut feeling he tells the racoon he can pick three acorns. The rascally raccoon ignores Colin, and picks many more acorns than three. The strong oak calls out Grubber for not listening to him. To Colin’s dismay, Grubber replies without consequence of his actions, “Bah! It does not matter!”

Grubber’s disregard troubles Colin greatly and the young oak tree feels betrayed. He is so upset he tells his best friend Fluffy that he “will never give acorns to anyone again!” Fluffy reminds Colin that not all raccoons are as rude as Grubber; and comforts his friend who is so troubled by the raccoons actions.

Colin then remembers (as learned previously in the early books in the series) he can always go into his heart, take three deep breaths and find his rainbow of wisdom. Blue, a very wise elf, then appears to Colin to help him remember he allowed the raccoon onto his branches. He could have chosen not to give away his acorns because this was his initial inner voice speaking to him. Colin thanks the elf for reminding him that he can make his own choices based on what his inner voice is telling him to do.

A different raccoon approaches him soon after this conversation. Colin feels very nervous because the encounter with Grubber has left him suspicious of others. But this little raccoon named Hazel is cheerful, polite and friendly. Hazel’s attitude is much different than Grubbers which sets Colin’s heart at ease. He chooses to allow Hazel to have some acorns. Hazel thanks Colin and is very grateful of his kindness. He realizes his friend Fluffy was right, not all raccoons are the same. Colin’s trust in himself and others is restored!

Teaching children to listen to their inner voice and gut feelings can really help them to develop more honesty and authenticity. This habit of paying attention can also translate into better listening to others… which is a key component of empathy.” -Patrick Arguin, Tools of the Heart

Three Important Lessons of TRUTH Children Can Learn from The Choice:

  1. How can you know if you can trust others? Always trust your heart. If you feel unease or hesitant, take time to listen to what your inner voice is telling you. If you feel unsure about your decision, you can always as an adult to help you decide what is the right or wrong choice.
  2. Why you should always choose to tell the truth: Telling a lie can weigh down your mind. But telling the truth– although hard at times– will create trust in yourself and others.
  3. Why is telling the truth difficult at times? Fear of reactions or punishment for actions, can make it very hard to tell the truth sometimes. Admitting you are nervous or scared to tell the truth will help you communicate your intentions; while choosing to share the truth with others helps you stay true to yourself.

About the Author:

Patrick Arguin is an educator and proud co-creator of Tools of the Heart, where he combines three passions; illustrating, communicating and helping little ones blossom into their own! Originally developed in French with the help of two heart-minded collaborators, later to be translated in English, Tools of the Heart aims to help young children learn self-care and develop or maintain a stronger sense of self through its books and guided meditations.

Patrick resides in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, where he continues to develop Tools of the Heart and its different projects, which include teaching meditation to children and teenagers. He also works as a Reiki Master and counselor.

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