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Children’s Book Review- Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self-Control by Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott has written a lovely book to teach children valuable lessons in self-control. In times such as now during the era of social-distancing, life can present all types of new challenges which are completely out of our control. Our normal daily routines have been replaced with new territory and stressors which make navigating our way through these new roads set forth of us extremely hard. Scott’s debut, Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self-Control provides kids and their parents the tools they need to master the bumpy road ahead. The book features Nini, a charming and wise little bird, who serves as the guide for the book’s readers through a delightful interactive and imaginary journey throughout the pages of the story. Nini encourages children to “buckle up” and tackle life’s obstacles with positive thinking all the while empowering them to practice self-control.