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UK Children’s Book Author Tamsin Wood Teaches Life Lessons Through Fairy Tales

Listen to my conversation on Hodge Podge Podcast with UK Children’s Book Author, Tamsin Wood, HERE!

United Kingdom-

Originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, Tamsin Wood moved to the UK mainland and began her journey as a children’s book author. From a simple bedtime story with two characters based on her children that evolved into an entire cast of fairies, Tamsin was inspired to create Canglford Nock Creations. Her books are born from her love of writing, motherhood and storytelling.

To date, Tamsin has authored more than a dozen rhyming fairy story books filled with life lessons that teach children to be “kind, be brave and to be a good friend.Her books also delve into important issues such as loss and developing crucial mental health coping skills as well as seasonal books in celebration of  Christmas and Easter.

“I have learned a great deal as I continue to write and in all my stories I use real life people as my inspiration. I have received great support from my publicist Jonathan Masiulionis and the online Magic Beans Bookstore. My hope is that I continue to reach children everywhere with my stories and inspire them to speak out in times of need, support their friends and be the best version of themselves that they can be.“- Tamsin Wood

Tamsin’s books are filled with gorgeous, classic storybook illustrations as well as meaningful tales that will be treasured possessions on the shelves of any children’s book lover– and leave hearts and minds full of goodness and inspiration.

To purchase her books, go HERE!

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Tamsin Wood. Children’s Book Author

Listen to my conversation on Hodge Podge Podcast with UK Children’s Book Author, Tamsin Wood, HERE!

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