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20 Santa Approved Children’s Book Author’s Works

Read my list of 20 Santa approved children’s book authors whose amazing works should be under your Christmas Tree for the young readers in your life! 🌲 📚 🎅🏻

1. Tamsin Wood

2. Donna Sager Cowan

3. Debra Williams

4. Joy Resor

5. Pam Fries

6. Heather E. Robyn

7. Sprinkle Grace

8. Charles Iker

9. Natalia Paruzel-Gibson

10. Lindsay DeRollo

11. Stephanie Scott

12. Megan Cline

13. Ashley Marie

14. Chaka Giangrosso

15. Amanda Cottrell

16. Meghan Pighetti

17. Tools of the Heart- Patrick Arguin

18. Alison Paul Klakowicz

19. Brandon Foster

20. Tommy Balaam

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