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Children’s Book Review: Colin Discovers Confidence- by Tools of the Heart

Colin Discovers Confidence

Grounding/Strengthening Your Self-Confidence

Growing up can be scary. There are so many unknowns regarding the future. Storms rage, fear overcomes us at times, but the deeper our roots, the more solid our foundation– which builds a strong. self-confident character.

Colin Discovers Confidence is book 3 of Tools of the Heart’s book series which depicts a tiny acorn seed called Colin that finds its way deep within the ground– far from its home. Mother Earth covers the itty bitty seed with her nourishment and love. Father Sun keeps the seed thriving with warmth.

“The more I grow, the further I feel from Mother Earth!” notices Colin. “Growing up can sometimes be scary!” he worries.

The Moon hears Colin‘s worries and tells the little seedling to look inside his heart for wisdom to guide him as he grows. The Moon then tells Colin to take slow breaths and focus on the love in his heart which relaxes Colin.

Yellow the Elf appears to the seedling and explains that he possesses much love and strength, like the sap nourishment inside of him. A sense of well-being settles over Colin as a yellow light grows within while strong roots firmly planted in the rich, earthen dirt guide him as he grows into a beautiful oak tree.

Colin– now the grand oak tree– becomes afraid as a storm approaches his mighty bows. Yet, he remembers the lessons he learned as a little growing seed and looks inside his heart. He remembers that his roots are very strong and he will NOT lose his footing. Colin then stands tall to face the storm. He sways, but never falls down which makes him so very proud.

“Colin the oak tree is the reason why the whole series is set in nature! He was born out of a need to illustrate to my then 3 years old daughter the concept of grounding. All other characters were then created around this particular one! Also, humans are like trees; they need to be self-reliant… which is the underlying element of each book/theme of the series.” – Patrick Arguin, Author of Colin Discovers Confidence

Three very wise lessons to be learned by kids from this book:

  1. Worry is a very normal human response. However, the stronger your confidence, the less space for fear and worry.
  2. We each are very strong— stronger than we can imagine. Self awareness builds confidence even during the worst of life’s storms.
  3. When faced with fear and worry, breathe in slowly and allow your roots to grow from your belly, down to your toes and deep down inside the Earth.

About the Author:

Patrick Arguin is an educator and proud co-creator of Tools of the Heart, where he combines three passions; illustrating, communicating and helping little ones blossom into their own! Originally developed in French with the help of two heart-minded collaborators, later to be translated in English, Tools of the Heart aims to help young children learn self-care and develop or maintain a stronger sense of self through its books and guided meditations.

Patrick resides in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, where he continues to develop Tools of the Heart and its different projects, which include teaching meditation to children and teenagers. He also works as a Reiki Master and counselor.

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