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Author and Speaker, Diane Scabilloni, Helps Children and Adults Shed Doubt— Find Hope through Faith

Author and Speaker Diane Scabilloni

Listen to my conversation with Diane Scabilloni on Hodge Podge Podcast HERE!

Diane Scabilloni is a self-described Divine Encourager— facilitator and speaker for youth groups, schools, churches, women’s groups and small groups— who shares personal stories of her spiritual journey with the objective of providing participants with tools for a more connected, peaceful and fulfilling life.

She is also a gifted children’s book author in which she provides simple ways to realign the reader’s thoughts with God’s vision. Both books, My Friendship with Doubt and Rulers Don’t Measure, exemplify her message of our acceptance of God’s love and vision.

“Once we are lined up with God’s thoughts…we see the big picture for our lives. Limited thinking falls away. There are big plans for every single child’s life! It is to be joyful, creative, energizing, fun and filled with ease and flow.” -Diane Scabilloni

Diane not only appeals to a child’s journey to living a Christian life, but also mentors adults in order to redirect their thoughts and feelings from doubts, fears, judgments and comparing themselves to others.

“These thoughts become habits. We don’t even know we are doing it. We are typically surrounded by other people thinking the same way so we don’t even question it. So life becomes an uphill battle. We either give up on our own dreams and become complacent or we go negative, thinking this is just how life is. We stay stuck in our guilt, self-pity, frustration and addictions.” -Diane Scabilloni

She wants to help adults and children to think about their life as a choice, in that thoughts can be changed first by our awareness of them and putting those thoughts into practice.

She emphasizes that we need to get back to the “original” basics and follow these three rules:

1)  We are loved more than we can begin to imagine.

2) We are special beyond words and deeds.

3) We have incredible gifts to share.

Listen to my conversation with Diane Scabilloni on Hodge Podge Podcast HERE!

If interested in purchasing a copy of her books, look below:

To learn more about Diane, follow her below:


Diane Scabilloni Official Website

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