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Children’s Book Review- Colin and Fluffy Become Friends by Tools of the Heart

Colin and Fluffy Become Friends

Love and Appreciate Yourself!

One of the greatest treasures of life is learning to love and appreciate who we are. Once we learn to let others into our hearts through trust and overcoming our fears and insecurities, we can grow wonderful friendships.

In Colin and Fluffy Become Friends, the fourth book in the treasured Tools of the Heart Book Series, Colin the Oak Tree becomes friends with Fluffy the squirrel. Fluffy visits the strong oak tree everyday. Colin allows the little squirrel to eat his acorns, and Fluffy gratefully accepts. The two friends get to know one another more and more with each passing day. Fluffy enjoys playing on the tree’s branches and Colin enjoys the company of his furry little friend.

However, one day Fluffy does not come to visit Colin. Colin becomes very worried about his friend. As time goes by, still no Fluffy. Colin wonders if it is because he no longer has acorns to offer his friend and confides in Mother Earth his concerns. Mother Earth reminds Colin that his self-worth is not based on the acorn he grows. She asks Colin what he thinks about himself which confuses the worrisome tree as he does not know how to answer.

Father Sun overhears the conversation and proposes to Colin that he should “breathe in calmly” which Colin does and looks inside his heart for his rainbow of wisdom to guide him. Green the Elf appears to the tree and tells Colin his “heart is like a treasure chest” that holds joy, kindness and self-confidence.

When we open the chest, we allow ourselves to accept and feel love from others. However, when we are not loved anymore by others it can cause us to feel very sad. However, we are in control of our feelings and thoughts because our treasure is inside of each of us. Colin then feels calm, loved and peaceful. He now understands he can feel good about himself even when alone.

To Colin’s surprise and joy, his little squirrel friend returns to visit him and explains he’d taken a long walk earlier that day and had many new adventures to share with his friend! Colin is so relieved that his true friend has returned!

Colin and Fluffy Become Friends is an excellent introduction for young readers to learn the importance of developing positive self-image as well as the importance of knowing and loving oneself in order to love and respect others.

Expectations in relationships often arise from our own self-doubts, which can cause frictions and misunderstandings. Healthy relationships start with a natural confidence in sharing our own gifts, not waiting for others to share theirs…  And that requires knowledge and appreciation of self!” -Patrick Arguin, author of Colin and Fluffy Become Friends

About the Author:

Patrick Arguin is an educator and proud co-creator of Tools of the Heart, where he combines three passions; illustrating, communicating and helping little ones blossom into their own! Originally developed in French with the help of two heart-minded collaborators, later to be translated in English, Tools of the Heart aims to help young children learn self-care and develop or maintain a stronger sense of self through its books and guided meditations.

Patrick resides in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, where he continues to develop Tools of the Heart and its different projects, which include teaching meditation to children and teenagers. He also works as a Reiki Master and counselor.

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