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Children’s Comic Book Review- Who Do You Love by Brandon Foster

Sometimes life brings us challenges where we jump to conclusions without gathering all the facts. Trust of others can be hard especially if we allow our imaginations to go wild and make assumptions.

In Who Do You Love by Brandon Foster, little sister Ashlon’s favorite prized possession– her doll Violet– goes missing. Ashlon is devastated and begins to rip her house apart searching for her doll. When she is unable to find Violet, she automatically assumes her big sister Simone is responsible for the doll’s mysterious disappearance. Ashlon accuses her big sis of plotting against her and hiding the doll. Simone has an injured ankle from an accident and explains to her little sister there would be no way she could have taken the doll because of her injury. Ashlon instantly accuses her sister of faking her injury and lying to her.

The little sister allows her anger to grow out-of-control, but her dad saves her from making a major mistake before it is too late. The father calms his girls and separates them. He begins to talk with Ashlon about her rage against her sister and why she assumed Simone took the doll. He then asks her why the doll is so important to her. Ashlon explains that it is hard being in a large family with three other siblings. She says that her doll Violet is a constant in her life that is never too busy for her and never rejects her.

Her dad reminds his daughter that it is okay for her to care for the doll, but not to replace the love of her family with an inanimate object. He also reminds Ashlon that if she had listened to him during their car ride home from school instead of listening to music on her cell phone, she would have heard him tell her he had taken the doll to be repaired. The dad then gives his daughter her prized doll back. Ashlon feels bad for her actions and her dad encourages her to apologize to her sister. She then goes to her sister with a heartfelt apology.

Three lessons to be learned from this family comic book:

  1. Always listen to others
  2. Gather the facts before you react
  3. Focus on how your actions can affect others you love

Brandon Foster has created a relatable, funny and poignant comic book series for the entire family to learn important life lessons. The professional comic illustrations by Pia Bley are credible, vivid and filled with emotion. The comic series can easily be used in classrooms, youth groups and small group workshops. I highly recommend this book in particular for middle-grade readers and teens.

Purchase a copy of Who Do You Love HERE!

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