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Interview with Tommy Balaam, Captain Fantastic— UK’s #1 Entertainment Company!

Listen to my conversation on Hodge Podge Podcast with Tommy Balaam— Captain Fantastic, UK’s #1 Children’s Entertainment Program, Author: Tune in HERE!

London, United Kingdom-

Tommy Balaam is the founder of Captain Fantastic, voted the UK’s no. 1 children’s entertainment company. Tommy is trained as an actor, graduating in 2009 from the East 15 acting school. He has loved his career within the arts, including a range of different roles. As well as acting, Tommy has always had a love of music and performs regularly with his band, Dirty Mitts. Tommy’s wealth of performance experience, combined with his creativity and flair, is at the heart and soul of the Captain Fantastic brand. His passion is in putting every effort into creating truly unforgettable experiences.

He is also an author whose latest children’s book I’ve Got You based on his Captain Fantastic character is available on Amazon now.

“For me, it was super important to get this book out during Covid-19 as I wanted to help any children feeling lonely and to make sure they never felt alone! It times of trouble we must stay together and look after those in need the most. Captain Fantastic is the UK’s number one children’s entertainment company. When Covid hit, we were the first toddler group to launch online, and we found it to be a phenomenal success. Following the success of our Live Sessions, we launched Online Parties and several online products including our Sketch Show on YouTube. During the pandemic our online following grew from 3k to over 70k, with our online events reaching over 3 million people worldwide. As a result, we have received coverage in the Mail Online, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, I Newspaper and Sky News, BBC News, The Telegraph and Magic Radio. It felt like a great time to release my latest children’s book ‘I’ve Got You’ and I did.” – Tommy Balaam, Captain Fanstastic Founder, Author, Musician

The Captain Fantastic series combines space exploration and the very popular Captain Fantastic character to bring you a world of light-hearted adventures with the super hero and his amazing Space Dog, Winston. The duo travel the galaxy, exploring astonishing worlds and resolving the incessant troublemaking of the terrible Dr. Zob and his ghastly gorilla sidekick, Big Bo.

Themes of friendship, teamwork and curiosity run throughout the series, alongside a healthy dose of the ridiculous. From space zoos and birthday parties, to pirates, chocolate planets and interstellar sheep-napping, the series joins the weird and wonderful with the familiar in a creative and comical world. Here, heroes are not infallible, bravery is born from learning and strength is drawn from relationships.

Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Resilience classes designed specifically for KS1 and KS2 children, to help them understand their feelings and develop life skills to manage their emotions. Concepts such as resilience, tolerance, mindfulness and confidence are all difficult subjects for children to grasp. As the leading specialists in children’s entertainment, we are able to explore these tough concepts in an easy and fun way, which children can engage with and understand. We work closely with over 50 schools to deliver workshops, assemblies, discovery days and holiday camps. Featuring a compilation of silly sketches, Captain Fantastic cartoons, music, cook along sessions and so much more, our action-packed Sketch Show guarantees lots of laughs, with the opportunity for little ones to interact and learn along the way.

Pain in the Arts is Tommy’s most recent book release which is a guide for performers to utilize their talents and make money doing so! Purchase your copy today on Amazon!

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Listen to my conversation on Hodge Podge Podcast with Tommy Balaam— Captain Fantastic, UK’s #1 Children’s Entertainment Program, Author:  Tune in HERE!

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