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A Prayer for our Children in Uncertain Times

The past months have been really trying thanks to Covid-19 as well as so many societal issues. Some days it feels as if the world is coming to an end. Like we are all going to be swallowed up whole. But, despite it all, I am inspired by the resilience of humanity. Our ability to adapt and change. To fight for ourselves and what is right. To find the best in the worst of situations. Our real care and concern of others. I know if you turn on the news or read comments on social media, it might paint a different picture. But I believe that most of us want the best for one another. I know, because I see it daily in my community and my inner circle. Tonight, I’m sending out a prayer for all children in the world. A prayer that will cover them in what is good and true. A prayer to guide them to inner peace, love and joy.