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Children’s Book Review- Super Max and the Math Menace by Heather E. Robyn

Coming Spring 2020: Super Max and the Math Menace

Super Max and the Math Menace by Heather E. Robyn is a story about a little girl named Max on her way to elementary school classroom 23 just as any other day. BUT this day was different for some reason. Max could not place the feeling. Something was making her quite nervous, chilling her spine.

She tries to find the culprit, but none can be found. That is until she sits down in her math class and her teacher Ms. Spice asks the class to put their books down as it was time to take a TEST.

Max can feel her heart beating in her chest, while a classmate yells out from behind her that he too feels unprepared.

Max knows she has to do something to save her class from the terrible, terrible math menace test. So she has an awesome idea! She walks to the back of the class, opens her bookbag and reaches inside. She pulls out a super hero cape and mask which she quickly puts on.

Then walks out for all to see and hears her classmates exclaim, “Look! Super Max!”

All eyes in the class, including her teacher Ms. Spice, look to her for guidance on how to beat the lurking math test villain.

Super Max then knows just what to say to them all,We just need to relax.”

The book ends with the best advice:

So, if you ever feel stuck and don’t know what to do, search deep down inside for the hero in you. It can help you find answers and help others too. Be the hero you know you have living in you.”

The message of this story is one so many children (and adults) can relate to. Anxiety can prevent us from accomplishing our goals and it is so very important to learn how to control the symptoms.

The beautiful and vivid illustrations by Zoe Mellors help keep the reader engaged as well as intrigued. The book also includes a wonderful guide that includes tips and tricks to overcome test anxiety. It is noted the guide was developed by Nakeya Fields, LCSW, PPSE, Registered Play Therapist, Trauma Informed Restorative Yoga Therapist, and Executive Director of The Feel Well Empowerment Center.

The author Heather E. Robyn was raised in Southern California. As an avid learner, she earned a Doctorate degree in Education and spent several years in Social Work helping foster youth and homeless veterans. She enjoys traveling with her two children and exploring new activities. She calls the Bay Area of California home with her kids, boyfriend and Husky, Echo.

To learn more about Heather, go here:

Author of the award-winning children’s travel and adventure picture book, Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck

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