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Ashley Marie- International Educator, Author of The Little, Big Rescue

Listen to my interview on Hodge Podge Podcast with Ashley Marie, author of The Little, Big Rescue HERE!

Ashley Marie, a first-time published children’s book author and a licensed educator currently teaching young children in Thailand, pulled from her educational background, love of books, and teaching experience in multiple countries to create a timeless story, The Little, Big Rescue, that will leave a positive impact on young readers.

Throughout her teaching career, she recognized the importance of children’s books and the vital role they play in the classroom. Ashley Marie developed a beautiful story for young readers that takes them on a wonderful underwater world journey with a very sweet sand crab, Rimmy, and Brenda, a larger than life whale, to show the power of kindness and empathy- and teach readers no matter how big or how small you may be, great things can happen when you believe in yourself.

Ashley Marie, Author of The Little, Big Rescue

Ashley Marie’s background in Child and Adolescent Development helped her create a mindfully written book which sparks crucial emotional development and understanding in her young readers. The Little, Big Rescue which dons gorgeous illustrations is written with rich vocabulary and provides its readers with small life lessons perfect for the classroom or home setting. Ashley Marie believes that a small amount of kindness can help change the world around us.

The Little, Big Rescue is a delight to the senses and mind– and will be a real treasure on your home bookshelves. In addition, it is a wonderful resource for educators and pediatric counselors working to instill self-confidence and empathy in children.

Ashley Marie embracing her students in Thailand in a joyful reunion.

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Listen to my interview on Hodge Podge Podcast with Ashley Marie, author of The Little, Big Rescue HERE!