Children's Book Review

Children’s Book Review- Chunck-A-Monk, The Big Black Skunk

According to research performed by author Michael Passafiume, one in five kids report they've been bullied in some fashion. For parents, this statistic can be a daily nightmare in assisting their child process their emotions. Passafiume wanted to create a book to help children accept and appreciate what makes them different from others which is the primary theme in his adorable, newly published children’s picture book: Chunck-A-Monk: The Big Black Skunk.

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Children’s Book Review- Super Max and the Math Menace by Heather E. Robyn

"So, if you ever feel stuck and don’t know what to do, search deep down inside for the hero in you. It can help you find answers and help others too. Be the hero you know you have living in you."

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Celebrate #SpecialEducationDay Today— and Everyday

Today is National Special Education Day! This day is near and dear to my heart after spending over a decade of my life supporting individuals (children and adults) with disabilities. I was honored to compose an article on its importance for Partnership for Children of Cumberland County. Read my article below on the importance of… Continue reading Celebrate #SpecialEducationDay Today— and Everyday