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Children’s Book Review- I Love My Gua by Chaka Giangrosso

Chaka Giangrosso has written a beautiful book, I Love My Gua, about the special relationship of a little girl with her grandmother whom she affectionately calls Gua. This book struck me in particular because of my son’s special relationship with my mother who is called JuJu. The importance of children building loving relationships with their grandparents is crucial in order for them to experience the unconditional love of a grandparent and wise lessons taught by them.

I am a firm believer that a child who spends time with older individuals will have a greater understanding of the world around them. They will learn what it was like many years ago when their grandparent was a child. They will learn about their family history and culture. They will realize that their parents were once children just like them. They will learn that grandparents are FUN too. Each valuable in understanding the cycle of life and what each individual (despite their age) has to offer the world.

I Love You Gua poignantly depicts the meaningful relationship between the granddaughter and her Gua. The super sweet illustrations by Cristal Baldwin emphasize their bond as well as the grandmother’s devotion and patience to her special little girl. The two love to have playdates and sleepovers where they read books, sing, cook and go through normal daily routines such as brushing your teeth. Each a special teaching moment where a child learns a simple skill and makes a precious memory that will last a lifetime.

This book is perfect for ANY child who has a special bond with their grandparent(s). Please consider adding this adorable book to your home library as it will be a keepsake for sure.

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Chaka Giangrosso, a native of Jamaica who relocated to the United States at age 12, is the mother of two young children. She is a United States Army Spouse and veteran out of Central North Carolina. I Love My Gua is Chaka’s debut children’s book based on her daughter’s special bond with her grandmother Gua (Chaka’s mother).

Chaka Giangrosso pictured with her husband and children

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