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20 Things I will NOT Take for Granted After Covid-19

If social distancing has taught me anything, it is to try my best to remain on a positive minded track.

Have I done this consistently? Nope.

I’ve had my meltdowns for sure, but through timeouts, interventions and prayer I find my way back.

Here is a list I wrote down to remind myself to remain grateful and positive with the hope that this phase of life will end and a new better chapter will begin.

20 things I will not take for granted after Covid-19:

1. Putting my son to bed on a school night with the reassurance of knowing we have the privilege of attending a FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL.

2. Dropping my son off at his elementary school where he has the opportunity to LEARN and GROW— and I have time to work on my own projects. Treasured time to myself (alone) in my home.

3. The ability to mindlessly and without worry walk through a store. Any store.

4. The luxury to go out in public— eat in a restaurant filled with people. To have the great fortune to attend theatre and music concerts. To walk through a bookstore or library and peruse through books.

5. Family time! We GET to spend time with our families in our homes. Go for walks, be silly, talk with one another about whatever we want! What a privilege!

6. To travel anywhere in my country I want, when I want, to see what I want to see because it is my right as a US citizen. WOW. (I can’t wait to hit the road!)

7. Each and every venue, store, school that allows me the opportunity to visit, read and sell MY children’s book!

8. The chance to take my son to a PARK, MUSEUM or PLAYGROUND.

9. The ridiculous privilege to sit on a public BEACH and soak up the sun.

10. The opportunity to volunteer and serve others in public.


12. ANY person that works in public to SERVE OTHERS- doctors, nurses, emergency workers, retail workers, food service workers, postal workers, sanitation workers, etc.

13. The great fortune of being able to physically attend CHURCH SERVICES when and where I choose.

14. Having a solid, daily routine where I can run errands at my leisure.

15. Children. How lucky are we to have children in our world?!

16. Parents. Feeling so fortunate to have my parents alive and well. To be able to visit with them without worry of making them sick.

17. A husband to share a life with. And one with a stable, government-funded income (and health benefits) to support our family— without fear of losing everything we have worked for over the years.

18. Every comfort of home I currently possess at my fingertips that has made this transition easy when compared to others with much less. I will strive to not WANT things I do not NEED.

19. A sanitary life! The ability to own: Hand Sanitizer. Gloves. Masks. Hand Soap. Clean Water. Cleaning products.


Make a list of your own today. Reflect. Remind yourself this too shall pass and we will be better for it!

Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you shortly!

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