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Children’s Book Review- Colin and Fluffy Become Friends by Tools of the Heart

One of the greatest treasures of life is learning to love and appreciate who we are. Once we learn to let others into our hearts through trust and overcoming our fears and insecurities, we can grow wonderful friendships.

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Amanda Cottrell— Children’s Book Author, Educator— Teaches Children Empathy

Amanda Marie Cottrell-- a gifted children's author and illustrator from Calgary, Alberta, Canada-- uses inspiration from her 12 plus year career as an educator to create beautiful, mindful children's picture books. Her passion is teaching young children and utilizing creativity within the classroom in order to assist children to believe in themselves through connection, which is also the aim of her books.

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Not Everyone Will Like You

Yep. It's true— at times, a hard pill to swallow.
Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will support you. Not everyone will applaud you.
Nope. It won't happen.
And it is perfectly okay.
You cannot make people like you.
You can be kind and courteous. Yet I afraid to stand up for yourself. 
Always strive to be supportive of others and applaud them, but remember the courtesy may not be returned in favor.