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Children’s Book Review- Captain Fantastic and the Chocolate Planet

Captain Fantastic is back with his trusty sidekick Winston for another fun adventure— and this time it is VERY SWEET!

In the newest release in the series by author Tommy Balaam, Captain Fantastic and his four-legged friend visit a planet made of CHOCOLATE and CONFECTIONS! What kiddo doesn’t dream of living in a world made of candies and treats!? The super duo think they have landed on the best planet in the universe. They explore from Cookie Dough Cove to Mount Honeycomb underneath marshmallow clouds. It seems to be a dream come true!

The captain and Winston are overwhelmed by all the deliciousness and eat and eat and eat! And their bellies grow and grow and grow! So much so, they are unable to fit inside of their spaceship. Oh no!

But Winston saves the day and reminds Captain Fantastic they can exercise to get back in shape by doing star jumps, squats, Judo and Zumba! The pair realize it’s fun to indulge, but being healthy is a much better option.

Captain Fantastic and the Chocolate Planet is a perfect action and adventure picture book not only for candy lovers, but for families wanting to practice healthier lifestyle choices. It is a great lesson to eat treats in small doses and exercise daily to keep fit!

If interested in purchasing a copy for your little sweettooth, go HERE!

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About the Author:

London, United Kingdom-

Tommy Balaam is the founder of Captain Fantastic, voted the UK’s no. 1 children’s entertainment company. Tommy is trained as an actor, graduating in 2009 from the East 15 acting school. He has loved his career within the arts, including a range of different roles. As well as acting, Tommy has always had a love of music and performs regularly with his band, Dirty Mitts. Tommy’s wealth of performance experience, combined with his creativity and flair, is at the heart and soul of the Captain Fantastic brand. His passion is in putting every effort into creating truly unforgettable experiences.

Listen to my conversation on Hodge Podge Podcast with Tommy Balaam— Captain Fantastic, UK’s #1 Children’s Entertainment Program, Author: Tune in HERE!

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