Small Business Spotlight with Goldy

Fayetteville, NC-

This morning I was honored to be highlighted by the Women’s Business Center @CEED Small Business Spotlight on WFNC 640AM News Talk Radio in Fayetteville, NC.

It was my debut radio interview and I think it went pretty great!

Fayetteville’s favorite news talk radio host, Goldy, made me feel very at home in the studio. He was so poignant and genuine in helping me spread my children’s travel and adventure picture book’s message.

A huge thanks to CEED and the Women’s Business Center (as well as Rossana Allup’s awesome Facebook Live filming skills) for providing me the opportunity to market my book on the radio and on social media.

Watch our interview filmed live here:

Networking is CRUCIAL

Networking is crucial in developing a successful business. Whether you own a marketing firm, restaurant, boutique, bookstore, IT business— you must embrace networking as a main vein to grow your business.

Social Media is a fabulous way to connect and network with individuals worldwide or simply in your very own community: i.e. to simply introduce yourself to the world, find new customers and/or partners, advertise new services or sales, develop peer groups… what have you.

Doors 🚪 open through online exposure.

BUT, you cannot rely 100% on social media and online interactions to develop yourself as a professional entrepreneur.

Sometimes you have to actually bathe, brush your hair and teeth, put on clean clothes and a smile, and leave the comfort of your ergonomic home office desk chair (or couch) to mingle and talk to with real live human beings in the flesh.

Trust me.

It’s true.

You need to establish real life relationships to grow.

I recently experienced a perfect example of this very thing I am preaching at a business workshop put on by the Women’s Business Center at CEED, a local economic empowerment agency, located in Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina.

To find out more about my experience and passionate plea to encourage you to get out of your “comfort zone” and on your way to building your biz like a boss, listen 👂 to my recent podcast here:

– Alison Paul Klakowicz

Author of Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck

Host and Creator of Hodge Podge Blog and Podcast

Alison Paul Klakowicz is an Eastern North Carolina native, children’s book author, blogger, podcaster and creative writer. She is a military spouse who resides in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, Adam, and son, Mak.

Visit Bookstores

I have always loved bookstores— especially the small, independent bookshops in little nooks and crannies.

The ones made with brick and mortar on downtown streets with glass window fronts with pleasant displays of books and more books that beg you to visit.

The sound of a bell’s chime 🔔 when you enter the door 🚪 with a smiling face to welcome you into the little world filled of whimsical fantasy and fiction, true stories of heroes and the woe begotten, survivors and foreign places.

There is also a smell of a bookshop that quenches my senses. The smell of timelessness and wonder.

Now that I am on my journey introducing the children of my home state of North Carolina to my book— Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck— I am getting to visit so many wonderful Indie bookstores and it makes my heart so happy.

The best part is meeting so many wonderful people… bookshop owners (living out their own dreams), beautiful children, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles— and their friends.

I have made so many new friends across North Carolina in such a short time and cannot wait to make more!

I learn so much about them and the community where they live. It is rewarding and enriching to my life.

I love to hear, and see their reactions to my book when I have the honor of reading to them.

Joy surrounds me! It gives me hope and peace to be in their presence. What a blessing it is in my life. ❤️

The partnership of creating events at bookstores is a two-way street. Not only does it allow me to present my book to potential readers, but it brings people into bookstores. In a world of technology, it is so nice to unplug and spend some quality time reading, interacting, crafting, communicating, and getting to know the people of North Carolina better— and my city of Fayetteville, NC.

So, go visit your local bookstores!

Support local shop owners and authors. Feed your child’s brain with literature, and real interactions with your fellow neighbors.

The benefits of this ageless pastime are ten folds the rewards of not taking the thirty minutes out of your day to visit a bookshop.

Happy Reading!

And, come see me at the bookstore!

Alison Paul Klakowicz, BA, MS

Author of Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck

Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Artisan, Milspouse

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Alison Paul Klakowicz is an Eastern North Carolina native, children’s book author, blogger, podcaster and creative writer. She is a military spouse who resides in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, Adam, and son, Mak.

Read to Children

Some of my fondest childhood memories are those snuggled up to my mother while she read bedtime stories to my brother and me.

The simplicity and sanctitude of those memories are like tiny perfect pearls all strung together in a perfect circle of life.

Now that I am a mother, I carry on this nighttime tradition.

There is something wonderful about reading to your child with them nestled close to you, watching intently as you read each word to them.

I’ve found even when my son is in the foulest of moods— crying the blues because he does not want to go to bed— that if I can contain him long enough in the four corners of his bedroom and crack the pages of a book, it will tame the beast roaring inside him.

Slowly, he will begin to pay attention and crawl to my side to listen to the story unfolding from the pages.

I know from my own experience as a child, there is no time you feel safer or more secure than when your parents give you their undivided time to whittle a fantastical tale into your tired mind and tuck you snug into your bed.

That is truly “the stuff” of life.

We all need more of those still moments together. Where you unwind and listen— and love.

I suppose this is how I came to love books and storytelling so much.

Thanks, Mom.

Thanks for taking the time to snuggle and read to us.

Without it, I surely would have been lost.

Quite possibly, I would have been wandering about life unaware of the beauty that lies within books.

The thought makes me cringe.


So, my point is… take the time to read to or with your children. You could be helping to feed a love of words for the world’s next greatest writer.

And without words and writers, where would our world be?

Not a place I want to be.

So, go on now. Start collecting those books for your home library.

And, make memories of a lifetime through the pages of a wonderful bedtime story.

Alison Paul Klakowicz BA, MS

Author of Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck

Mother, Milspouse, Writer, Podcaster, Artisan

Alison Paul Klakowicz is a North Carolina native, children’s book author, blogger, podcaster and creative writer. She is a military spouse who resides in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, Adam, and son, Mak.