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Chasing Dreams

My blog— Hodge Podge (which shares the same name and stuffing as my podcast) will focus on my life as a military spouse living in my native home of North Carolina while raising a wild and lovable boy (age seven as of last week). It will include my pursuits as a creative writer; soon-to-be children's book author (Mommy's Big, Red Monster Truck coming to stores and internet downloads very soon); artisan and entrepreneur; podcaster (as aforementioned); novice traveler; historian wannabe; and lover of life and people.
The above makes me sound a bit pretentious, doesn't it? A bit of an over-achiever and dreamer?
I am hardly these things.
Well, maybe the dreamer part is accurate.
But truly, I am not a perfectionist. Nor am I some astute artsy farts snob. And definitely not a super right-wing "Hooah!" Army wife and Southern Belle.
I am just who I am.
A chick raised on the beautiful coast of North Carolina who loves her home state and all its precious treasures and LOVES to talk about them. A beach loving, independent, wild and unsaddled woman who by-accident became an Army wife; left her beach lifestyle for Fort Bragg (which was TERRIFYING), and most-surprisingly to her have grown quite affectionate of this life we've made here in Fayetteville despite the challenges of being a milspouse (and being landlocked of course).