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I like to eat, y’all. All the foods. All the fun places to eat food. All the hidden away, country backroad spots. All the fancy cafes and tapas bistros. All the dives and diners. Just give me the food. Look here for some of my favorite spots and recipes— for a little food inspiration: Dandelions… Continue reading Foodie


I’ve died and gone to pie heaven.

Pie heaven exists. Seriously. And, it is right here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I mean— straight up culinary wizardry—make your mouth water at a simple whiff of the carb-elicious, magnificence headed your way. It's called Fayetteville Pie Company— and it is sooooooo dang good, y'all! The "slap your preacher" kind of good, btw. The sad… Continue reading I’ve died and gone to pie heaven.